Always drawn both to metal and the creative process, I started my apprenticeship in 1986 aged 16, working with heavy plate steel. I went on soon after to work in various shops in Ireland and subsequently spent 4 years at Bondi Metal Design in the Bay Area of California, returning to Ireland in 1999. I have been running my own business since then, specialising in high end architectural ironwork, toolmaking, and sculpture.


  • 2012: Addy Taylor Cup awarded by the British ArtistsBlacksmithing Assoc. for my contribution to blacksmithing in 2011 for the Hive of Knowledge project.
  • 2002: RDS Wrought Iron / Blacksmithing Award.
  • 2001: RDS Country Craft Award
  • 1997: Top Job Award National Ornamental & Misc. Metals Association (US)
  • 1996: ABANA (Artists- Blacksmith's Association of North America) Sculptural Metals Awards. Held in Alfred College upstate New York.
  • 1990: National Apprentice Competition Constructional Steel